iPhone Apps Development

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iPhone applications, in general, have helped many people with different aspects of daily life, be them parents, kids, students, or business individuals. The best iPhone apps are able to assist us in our daily needs and have become near-indispensable parts of our lives. I strongly believe that life has become a lot easier with the advent of the iPhone and the application.


iPhone Apps Development


  • Introduction to Objective-C
  • Use Object-C for iPhone/iPad development
  • Objective-C syntax and constructs
  • Objective-C classes
  • Allocate and deallocate objects
  • How to define properties
  • Memory management
  • Foundation classes
  • Message sending at runtime
    iPad - iPhone Application Development

  • Introducing the iPhone and iPad
  • Introduction to Objective-C Programming
  • Xcode IDE Environment
  • The iOS Developer Center, Programme and SDK
    Xcode IDE as a development tool

  • Use Xcode IDE for building iPhone applications
  • Debugging and editing using Xcode IDE
  • Manage project resources.
  • Interface Builder for interface design
    Interface builder GUI Tool

  • How to design applications using Interface Builder
  • Connect interface to your code
  • File's Owner and First Responder
    Cocoa Touch Design Patterns

  • Coca touch for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
  • What are object-oriented design patterns?
  • object-oriented libraries of Coca touch
  • benefits of model-view-controller (MVC)
  • Use of delegation and notifications
    View and View Controllers

  • What are views and wiew Controllers?
  • model-view-controller (MVC) design for Apps
  • Design Views
  • Connect view to controllers
  • List of Apple's pre-built view controllers

  • Create navigation in iPhone App
  • How to use Apple's navigation controller
  • User of tab bar controller
    iPhone and iPad virtual Keyboard

  • Use of virtual keyboard
  • use delegates to keyboard input
    Gesture Recognizers

  • what are gesture recognizers
  • Touch Events
  • taps and swipes
    Graphics & Animation

  • User of graphics in app
  • How to use images
  • Draw shapes
  • Making animation in Apps
  • New blocks syntax in iOS SDK 4
    System Events & Memory Management

  • What are system events
  • iPhone's built- in accelerometers
  • Local / Push Notifications
  • Memory management using retain counts and autorelease pools
    Integrate with Core Services and other iPhone Applications

  • Integrate your app with Address Book
  • Integration with Maps
  • Integration with Safari and Mail.
  • iPhone Calendar
    Performance and Debugging

  • Find and fix problems
  • Eliminate hot spots and memory leaks.
  • Instruments utility
  • the GNU debugger (gdb)
    SQLite3 Database Development in Objective C for iPad & iPhone

  • Programming for iPad / iPhone SDK
  • Develop your iPhone applications using the iPhone simulator
  • IBOutlet and IBAction and using Interface Builder to design a UI and make the connections
  • Use what you've learned to write an iPhone Applications
  • Difference between iPhone and iPad Applications
  • Transform an iPhone app into iPad Applications
  • Introduction Database Programming in Objective C
  • Connecting to Database SQLite3 Database
  • Working with Database Objects
  • Developing database applications
  • Case study Animal Info database


  • Start Dates
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    03/12/2018 10.00-17.00Monday to Thursday 4 Days
    14/01/2019 10.00-17.00Monday to Thursday 4 Days
    18/02/2019 10.00-17.00Monday to Thursday 4 Days

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